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No Mo Money Race Engineering is a full service race shop. Now offering Race car rentals, Track day rentals, Enduro Racing, Chumpcar Racing, Track side service, and Coaching. Specializing in Mazda Miata's. Whether you want to go play or race, we have what you need.
About NO MO' MONEY Race Engineering

     Paul Kullman started his passion for racing at an early age.  He was only 9 years old when he started racing sail boats. Paul started sailing in a small 8 foot boat know as an IODA.  In his early teens he moved up in to the faster more technical Laser fleet. By the time he was in his twenties Paul was sailing larger 20 to 35 foot yachts in multiple series and championships. In 1994 Paul, his brother and future wife, campaigned an international one design sail boat know as a J24. They won the regional championship and had qualified for the world championship in Rochester New York. Even though they did not win they were able to finish in the top 20% in the world. Paul then bought his own boat and named her NO MO’ Money. In 1998 Paul was able to win “The Boat of the Year”

     In 1999 Paul gave up sailing to follow his new passion, raising a family, but the competitive nature was still burning inside. In 2001 Paul learned about a race car series know as the SCCA, or Sports Car Club of America. There was a new class starting up know as Spec Miata, or SM. So Paul bought his first Miata and converted it into a race car, and in April of 2001 Paul went to his first driver’s school at the world famous speedway, Daytona.

     In the next few years, Paul learned how to become a road course driver, build and maintain race cars, and developed his own racing shop called “ No Mo’ Money Race Engineering”  In the natural progression of racing, Paul built a highly modified version of a Miata  that was classified, FP. March of 2007, at the same track he had started his racing career, Paul drove his newly built car to a second place finish at a national race. Every race for the rest of the season Paul piloted his car to a win, taking his first regional championship. 

     In 2009 Paul decided to try his driving skill in the South Atlantic Road Racing Championship. Which entailed a series of races through out the south east, followed buy a championship race know as the SIC held at Roebling Road in Savanna Georgia.

     Paul was able to qualify for the SIC in a tie for first place. After a grueling 30 minute battle on the track, Paul was able to hold of his competition and win the race, thus wining the SARRC series. Paul also received the Jim Fitzgerald award. The Jim Fitzgerald Award is presented each year to the driver at the South Atlantic Road Racing Championships finale event, the SARRC Invitational Challenge (SIC), who gives the most competitive winning drive. The recipient is chosen by the Chief Steward and the Operating Stewards of the event.  Jim Fitzgerald is remembered as a highly competitive SCCA racer and a champion in both Club and Professional series. He was a long time member of the Southeast Division SCCA. The permanent Fitzgerald Award is mounted at Roebling Road, the location of the SIC.
     In 2010 Paul  won two national races and  won the South East National division points. He  also won the South Atlantic Road racing series, and was awarded the South East Division driver of the year. Paul also attended the SCCA National Championship were he placed 6th.
    In 2011 Paul again won many South Atlantic Road Racing races and the South Atlantic Championship for the third time.
    In 2012 Paul Won 6 South Atlantic  Road Racing races and Qualified for his 4th South Atlantic Championship. Paul won the race but due to a late race penalty he was unable to make it 4 in a row.

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